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ATA HUNTER is a pair of really warm and comfortable gloves with a leather shell and a soft and comfortable interior. A combination of several membranes, these gloves become completely water and windproof with breathable function. These are also specially designed to offer the best comfort and protection under extreme stress. A glove that fits custom touring and also in the form of winter activity such as scooter ATV and more. Stylish motorcycle gloves.
The specially treated leather makes it soft with optimal movement. Pre-bent fingers give you a good grip on the motorcycle. Soft rubber protection in several places gives you maximum protection and comfort.
The leather is also specially treated to be soft and comfortable.

PU protection on the front
Reflex straps on 2 fingers

- Waterproof membrane that makes the glove 100% waterproof.
- Soft inner lining that makes the glove 100% windproof.

- Palm extra reinforced which gives better grip and contributes to increased wear resistance
- Adjustable wrist button for best fit
- Adjustable snow lock that keeps the snow out of the glove
- Breathing membrane that makes the glove cool.
- Reinforcements in most vulnerable places.
- Padding at the fingers and palm for extra protection.
- Good fit.
- Velcro closures for adjustment.
- Analin extra soft skin bark leather
- Elastic material
- Adjustable Velcro strap
- Polyurethane coating

Waterproof membrane forms a thin plastic film that is laminated to the inside of the outer fabric. The most common is that the plastic film is porous, thus contains small voids that pass through water in the form of water molecules (steam), but stops water in the form of water droplets. So the membrane breathes at the same time as it stops the rain / water from penetrating. So dry hands in all weather conditions.

Normal in size.
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