About Sharkspeed


We (Sharkspeed) today deliver comprehensive concepts within Motorcycle / Cross / Enduro gear and protection at lower prices than many others in the same industry. That we can make it possible is that we buy directly from manufacturers and offer almost wholesale prices directly to the end consumer! That is why our customers are experiencing very low prices compared to other companies taking similar products.
We have been around for 10 years and sell to Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Our success is thanks to our recurring customers that led to the development and continuous renewal of our product range. We are leading in the manufacture of fashionable MC clothes and custom designed clothes.

Our concept is based on always offering the customer good products at the lowest possible prices, and therefore we guarantee the lowest price guarantee on our entire range. With the north in our grip, we feel we are on our way and wish to thank all our customers once again for the help and support we received and we promise you that no matter how big we will be, we will always have the lowest prices in the market .

We also have a land store Trollhättan where you can shop on site.
We are specialists in custom-made MC stands where you can design your own stand or order existing products in larger or smaller sizes. If you are a new customer, do not worry, you always have 14 days of open purchase as well as 30 days of exchange on all our products, except for custom orders. We also provide 1 year warranty on all our products unless otherwise stated in the product description.

So give us a chance and we promise to make you happy and satisfied.