As a consumer, you have rights. Submit a complaint from the time of receipt. If you notice within two months of counting the shipment. Contact us on our website before returning the goods. We will send you an e-mail shipping label.


You have the right to withdraw your purchase to 20 Days, provided you have not used the product and that
The goods are in the same condition. Please use the same bag / box that you received for the goods.
You have the right to try, but not to use the product or the products. If you use the product, Shark Speed ​​is required to deduct up to 30% of the market value. Then we can not sell the products for a new customer.

Generally, it takes about 10 business days from the time of return until you receive your refund. We comply with the general complaint conditions of the Council's recommendations. If you are not satisfied with something you have ordered, you have 20 days after receiving the goods. You have the right as a customer to open the packaging to check if the product works. You have the right to cancel the purchase. The right applies to the entire SharkSpeed ​​range.

ATTENTION! It usually takes about 2 weeks from the time you send your return before receiving a refund. In exceptional cases, repayment can take up to 30 days. This is the maximum time.
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